Internet Millionaire Action Steps

By Matt Bacak

You won't ever find an internet millionaire who isn't an action-oriented person. The only way to reach the million dollar mark with your internet business is to immediately get moving when an opportunity presents itself to you. Here are three key action steps that every internet millionaire knows!

1. I call this "The Cellphone Challenge." Look at your cellphone right now, and scroll through your rolodex. Who are your energy vampires? These are the people who suck away your positive energy and tell you that you can't, you can't, you can't. No matter how difficult it may be, you simply must remove these people from your cellphone rolodex. They're bringing you down and holding you back from success.

Now, you have space on your rolodex to add the names of people who are on a higher level. Whenever you meet a new person who is successful and smart, get their cell number to put in your rolodex.

Internet millionaires don't allow anyone to sap them of their energy. They stay focused on success and only spend time with people who are supportive and positive.

I used to add the names of people I wanted to meet to my cellphone rolodex. I called them my "new best friends" even though I hadn't yet met them. Usually, I would eventually meet the person somewhere, and he or she did indeed become my new best friend. I now have the cellphone numbers of these powerful people in my rolodex. Put the energy out there that you want to meet these people, and you will draw those opportunities to you.

2. Now that you have gotten rid of the energy vampires in your life, it's time to stop the little gremlins inside your own head. In other words, stop the negative mind chatter. Whenever you hear yourself talking negatively in your mind, rephrase the sentence. Instead of "I can't," say "I will."

Usually, these inner voices are replays of what you heard from your parents, siblings, and teachers. Know that these voices are not your own, and you have the power to convert what they say to exactly what you want to hear. It really will make a huge difference in your life and will allow you to become the person you want to become. It will give you the faith to take action.

Model yourself after internet millionaires who don't let anything stop them. They maintain a no-tolerance attitude toward negative mind chatter. If you don't do this, you will stay where you are right now. The only way to move forward is to practice positive self-talk.

3. Internet millionaires are master marketers, and you must become one, too! Know that there's a difference between marketing and sales. Sales involves a one-to-one transaction, while marketing is one-to-many. You can change a lot of lives through marketing. This is something that Henry Ford and Bill Gates understood, and look what they accomplished!

In order to become an internet millionaire, you simply must seek marketing education. It's the most important aspect of a successful business. It is your right, but also your responsibility, to get your products, services, and ideas out there for people. If you don't, you're not only ripping yourself off, but you're also ripping off the world.

I once met a man who sold security alarms. One day, he had an appointment to install a system in a family home, and for some reason, he decided to brush off the appointment. The next day, the house was broken into, and the family suffered injuries. He realized that his product was important, and he had a responsibility to get it out to the public.

As far as ripping yourself off, you could make an extra $10,000 or even an extra $100,000 or much, much more - no matter what you're selling. With that, you could sit at the Christmas table and know that you could give your family whatever they need. You owe it to yourself and the public to market, market, market!

Now that you know the action steps of internet millionaires, get out there and take your own action! I guarantee that your online business will soar.

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