How To Earn Money Online Without A Website In As Little As 72 Hours

By Ricky Lim

Most newbies new to the net think they need a website in order to make money online. Fact is it is not really necessary but recommended. In fact, I know of a few people who earn a nice income online without a website.

The method that I use to earn money online is affiliate marketing. Basically in a nutshell, you promote a merchant’s product and you get a commission when someone buys through your link.

The method that I use is to write an article on a topic related to the product and submit it to article directories. I provided useful, quality content to the readers and in the bio box include a link to the merchant I’m promoting. As simple as that.

There are 2 reasons why I think this works very well. If you provide good, quality content to readers, they will be sufficiently impressed and will be more likely to click your link in the bio box to find out what you are offering or promoting. It’s called Pre-Selling and it works a hundred times better than selling or saying so and so product is so good that the sky will come crashing down tomorrow if you don’t buy today.

I even once wrote a bad review on a marketing product and gave it my thumbs down. To my surprise, I still get affiliate sales from the article. That goes to show how powerful pre-selling can be.

The second reason is that article marketing is a viral form of advertisement. You only need to do the work once and the article will continue to promote your products forever. Good, quality articles have a greater chance of being pick up by webmasters and editors who will then publish your article on their websites and ezines. Some of these websites and ezines have high traffic with very targeted audience, exactly what your article is meant for.

Affiliate marketing is really just a numbers game. The more people you get to read your articles, the more people will click through your bio box link and the more affiliate sales you will make.

The number one reason why people do not write is because they can’t write. They feel the content they have written is lousy and be ridiculed. Well, it is really a matter of practice. So what if it’s a bad article, move on and write another one. As you write and read more, your writing will get better and better. Anyway, you do not need to write fluent poetry or write an novel that will win the nobel prize for literature.

As my mentor told me once, writing a bad article is better than not writing anything. So just do it.

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