Developing a Millionaire Mind

By Mike Martinez

“Here you go again,” says your spouse (or your best friend). “Don’t tell me you are trying another home business. Haven’t you learned from the last one? Didn’t you lose enough money already? Maybe you are just not cut out for it. Why can’t you settle for a steady job like everyone else?” In a split second of self-pity, you agree. The reasoning is logical. After all, you must have tried a dozen home businesses, everything from Amway to zero down real estate. Yet nothing seemed to work for you. Still, deep inside you yearn for more. You refuse to accept the destiny 97% of the population is running toward, retirement in poverty.

The Ultimate barrier

Excuses for failure are a dime a dozen. “My upline never supported me”, “the products were too expensive”, “the economy just isn’t good right now”. These and hundreds of others make up the battle cry to justify failure. However the true underlining cause of failure is held within the mind of each individual who utters the fore mentioned excuses.

In other words, the ultimate barrier to success is your own mind. Your mind dictates whether you will succeed or fail in every undertaking in your life. If your mind is prepared and conditioned to accept wealth and success, nothing will stop you from attaining it. On the other hand, if your mind is not prepared, no wealth building system in the world, no matter how good it may be, will pan out for you.

A perfect example is a mail-order business. Millions have attempted them and failed. Yet some have started mail-order businesses from scratch, built the business and within a few short years became millionaires.

Those “lucky” mail-order millionaires faced the same problems and obstacles as all the other millions who failed, however somehow they found a way to overcome. The key difference is the beliefs that were held in the mind. The belief that success was “theirs”. The belief that they would find the answers to any situation drove them to continue when challenges came up.

Realize now that belief is a state of mind. In fact, it is a superior mental state that can be developed by anyone. Those who conquer in any business, utilize belief. Those who fail don’t. There in lies the problem. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they come up against failure is quit and begin a new venture. Instead of looking inside, most people look outside of themselves for the answers. Huge mistake.

Anyone who tries a wealth building system and can’t make money must ask one question, “Is there anyone else making money doing this?” If the answer is yes, don’t blame the business. It is your thinking that is at fault. Jumping on to the next system will not help. Only by changing your mind will you be able to change your success. Only by adjusting your belief will you be able to achieve what you desire. Andrew Carnegie, self-made multi-millionaire and one of the first advocates of the mind/money correlation said, “Take all my money and leave me penniless and within two years I will be a millionaire again. I have set my mind to attract wealth.”

How to use your mind to help you succeed

The following 4 steps process will condition your mind, increase belief and release your creativity. Set yourself up to succeed by flooding your mind with these techniques daily.

1) Set the destination: First and foremost is your decision on a specific goal. Aim high. Dare to dream big. Dreams are important as they set the focus of your subconscious mind. Benjamin Franklin said, “You must first have a dream in order to make a dream come true.”

2) Get the picture: Once you commit to your goal, take time daily to mentally rehearse your success in advance. Get a clear picture. See yourself as already having accomplished your goal in minute detail. First sit or lay down and relax your body for five or ten minutes. Relaxation is important because it opens the channels to the subconscious. Once you’ve entered into deep relaxation, play a movie of yourself as having already achieved your goal. Incorporate as many of the five senses as possible. Find a way to see, hear, smell, taste and touch while running your movie. Practice this twice daily, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

3) Emotionalize your goal: The fastest most powerful system for mental programming is to add intense emotions to your visualization. A simple way to achieve this is to use music as an anchor. Have you ever heard a song that brings memories to mind? Have you ever listened to the words of a song and felt inspired? Music has an amazing power to create emotions within us. In fact, music also stimulates the creation of pictures in your mind. This is the perfect prescription for subconscious programming. Anytime you can relax, create a mental movie and feel intense emotions, you are taking control of the subconscious. If you are serious about achieving your goals find a few songs that inspire you, songs that create intense emotions within you. Next, make yourself a daily routine to listen and visualize. Treat yourself to a better future by taking five to ten minutes every day to simply relax, listen and see. This is one of the most enjoyable ways to program your mind for success.

4) Snap out of it: A years worth of mental programming can be nullified by a few minutes of doubt. Doubt, insecurity, or negative thinking will destroy your success. You must condition yourself to act first on doubt before it inflicts it’s damage. Avoid doubt as if the life of your dreams depended on it. Take charge and destroy doubt. An excellent way to do this is by placing a rubber band around your wrist and giving yourself a snap if any thoughts enter your mind that are contrary to the achievement of your goals. This not only reminds you to maintain a positive mental attitude, it also inflicts just enough pain to get your mind off the thought immediately. A good practice is to replace the negative with a positive thought. Whenever you snap the band, immediately focus on your future success. The key here is to condition the mind to focus on success instead of doubt.

By continuing to practice these techniques faithfully your subconscious mind will begin to take your images as commands. Your belief will grow daily. Things will start falling in place. The people and situations you need to achieve your goals will begin to appear in your life. Solutions to problems will magically appear into your mind at the most unexpected times and places. Your struggle for success will end.

Remember that the keys to your success are not to be found in the next business fad. The keys that will unlock the treasures are held within your mind. You must first see it in your mind’s eye before you can see it in reality. Commit yourself to this principle and you will create miracles in your life.

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